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Welcome to Golden Dragon Import-Export Technology Co., Ltd - GDTech Co.


       Golden Dragon Import Export Technology Co. Ltd (GDTech) is the leading company doing business in supplying technology products for law enforcement forces from Ministry of Public Security and Ministry of Defence in Vietnam. Our experienced and good-skilled technicians can professionally provide customers with best technical supports and after-sales services. We are always the most reliable partner for the customers.
       GDTech’s business involves in supplying equipments for scientific research; hi-tech products in electronics, telecommunications, informatics, automatic control, etc.; specialized equipments used for road and river traffic police, environmental polices, anti-drug police, criminal police, fire police, rescue forces, etc.
       Main products and solutions being supplied by GDTech include night & day vision devices, optical devices, warning devices, surveillance devices, security devices, rescue and safety equipments, anti-fire equipments, explosive detectors, narcotics detectors, toxic separators, alcohol breath testers, crime-scene investigation equipments, etc.
       Currently, GDTech is authorized distributor for many famous manufacturers from all over the world such as Alcolizer Technology, Armasight Inc., NVTi Night Vision Technologies Inc., Paulson Manufacturing Corp., Pelican Products Inc., Rescue Solutions International Inc., Safe Tactics BV, SPECTRADOME, MEL Secure Systems Inc., NeoSoft AG Corp., etc.